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Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Infrared sauna heating technology has natural preventive properties to help you stay healthy. Infrared sauna stimulates the circulatory system, causing the heart to beat more vigorously and blood vessels to dilate. This helps cleanse the circulatory system and more fully oxygenate the body’s cells. Better blood circulation means more toxins flow from the cellular level to the skin’s surface to improve cell health, aid in muscle recovery, and strengthen the immune system.

Near Infrared for Immunity & Cell Health

Research has shown that near infrared heating technology can strengthen the immune system. In fact, one study showed the same near infrared therapy, delivered by LEDs deep into body tissue, can quadruple cell health and tissue growth.

Several studies have shown that LEDs (like those found in our saunas) stimulate white blood cell production and collagen growth by increasing energy at the cellular level. A study from the Medical College of Wisconsin demonstrated that LED-produced near infrared (NIR) helps promote cell health and regeneration. The study also concluded that LED NIR restores enzyme activity and reduces cell death by half.

“Regardless of the extent of the injury, someone who regularly uses this type of sauna will recover faster… It doesn’t add additional stress to the body or the injury. It actually works with the body to heal.” – Dr. Jeffrey Spencer, University of Southern California

According to The Doctor’s Prescription for Health Living, infrared heat is one of the best treatments for sprains, strains, muscle spasms, and other injuries associated with sports because it works by penetrating joints, muscles and tissues, speeding oxygen flow and increasing circulation.

What is the Difference Between Near and Far Infrared?

Infrared light is the invisible part of the sun’s spectrum which has the ability to gently and comfortably penetrate human tissue. The light, which is felt as heat, produces a host of health benefits, such as boosting your immune system. Infrared light also comes in several wavelengths. Each wavelength offers unique wellness attributes that together provide a holistic approach to a healthy mind and body.

Near Infrared

Near infrared used in our infrared saunas is similar to the infrared used in cosmetic and healing devices. The LED technology we use allows our heaters to produce consistent near infrared without extreme heat or light. Near infrared waves have a shortest frequency range, and only penetrate the dermis and epidermis layers of the skin. This is how near infrared is able to impact your body at the cellular level, encouraging tissue growth, speeding up muscle recovery, and strengthening your immune system.

Far Infrared

Far infrared sauna heats the body directly rather than simply warming the air. As a result, it raises the core body temperature and produces a deep, detoxifying sweat. Your sweat then pushes out the toxins at the cellular level, where most toxins reside, cleansing your body and rejuvenating your skin. Far infrared also aids in blood pressure reduction and weight loss, along with a range of other health benefits.

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Disclaimer: Respira Vita is proud to feature Sunlighten Full-Spectrum Infrared Saunas. The information provided in this blog are excerpts taken from the Sunlighten blog and/or website.

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